IMG_5548I started @everettfolk because I was new to town and realized I had a ton of pictures on my phone of Everett… houses, water views, coffee shops, events, streets scenes. I wanted a place to share the cool things I liked about this place but thought the account could also be a great way to connect to people — an excuse to follow every company and person I could find on IG that lived, worked, or ran businesses in Everett.

I also thought it would be fun to highlight actual Everett Folk every now and then. I wanted to post a picture and let that person tell his/her/their/ze story. Instagram can be a powerful way to connect people and form community. I want to tell the story of Everett though its residents, business-owners, and leaders. I invite you to tell your story, connect with others, and help make Everett an amazing community.

For more about the curator, see our first post.